Mauser M1891 Argentino 7.65mm -  Ser No:M4007


This is a very nice model 1891 Argentinean Mauser, manufactured in 1895 by Ludwig & Loewe of Berlin. Its build quality is outstanding, manufactured in a time when rifles were built by professionals and not by fitters. It has a pristine barrel and matching numbers throughout including the cleaning rod, woodwork and magazine. As with most Argentino’s the crest has been sadly removed, however the rifles overall condition can only described as superb with no loss of finish. Whilst the rifle has recently received a major service by TVG, the stock is in such good condition it has been left untouched. This rifle is from my personal collection and has seen little use, hence my decision to sell. It comes complete with a 7.65mm die set, brass and some reloaded ammunition.


Metal work is superb throughout with 100% blueing. Markings are consistent with the model and consist of serial number, model, manufacturer, proof marks and inspectors stamps. There is no wear to the receiver and the bolt cycles smoothly without any excess movement. The rearsight is the correct model as can be seen in the picture and can be set from 400- 2000 meters. Magazine is the fixed type and is numbered to the rifle.

Bolt Assembly

The bolt has been gauged for correct headspace and firing pin protrusion. Bolt face is excellent, unmarked, has matching numbers and has the customary proof marks to the bolt. These bolts are some of the smoothest in the Mauser range as they have only the two locking lugs at the front of the bolt, where later Mauser's had a third locking lug towards the rear of the receiver.


The 29” barrel is in outstanding condition with no wear to the lead, sharp rifling, shiny bore and 100% blueing. The barrel sits correctly in the woodwork and it fitted with “0” foresight blade. The barrel crown is in good condition and undamaged.


The rifle is fitted with the original numbered woodwork and is in excellent condition with only a few minor transit marks. Metal to woodwork fit is to a very high standard. The upper handguard is still secured with the original brass wire fittings and the butt is stamped with a cartouche.


The rifle is provide a 7.65mm die set,  Norma brass, two clips and some reloaded ammunition.

Price: £695.00

Current Status: Sold

7.65mm Mauser Mod1891 Argentino
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