Mossberg 42M-B .22LR B/A Rifle - Ser No:15303


The is a Mossberg 42M-B and has the serial number 15303 which places its manufacturing date in the second contract awarded by the US Government in December 1941. Most 42MB’s were sent to the UK as part of the “lend-lease program” and where used by the UK as a military training rifle. They where marked UNITED STATES PROPERTY and this rifle still retains the fine outline of those markings. The rifle has been thoroughly restored by TVG and serviced, making this rifle a nice addition to a classic rimfire collection. Despite some slight pitting to the barrel, the rifle is in immaculate condition and is a superb example of this increasing rare model with original woodwork/metalwork all in superb condition.


The receiver is in very good condition with no notice wear and has been completely re-blued. The receiver has a five round magazine which has a push button release at the rear of the magazine. The safety catch is on the rear of the receiver and moves left to right to block the trigger. The single pull trigger  releases at 2lb.10 oz.  The receiver is fitted with a British Parker Hale PH16D rearsight. Markings are the Mossberg crest, factory proof marks, calibre and serial number.



The bolt has no wear and no damage to the bolt face, it is fitted with twin extractors making extraction and ejection highly effective. Bolts function is smooth, reliable and is fitted with a dust cover. Markings are  limit to proof and inspectors stamps.


The rifle has a standard 22.5” barrel with 100% bluing and a reasonable bore with some pitting. It is fitted parker hale foresight and the original Mossberg rearsight assembly. Despite the slight pitting, accuracy is superb. Barrel has a round crown and markings are the factory address, proof marks, calibre(s) and model number.


Woodwork is beech, has been restored and is in excellent condition with only one cabinet mark. In the butt there is spare magazine.


The rifle is fitted with an original Mossberg No8 mount and Mossberg x4 M4D scope, which is in perfect working order.

Price £375.00.

Current Status: Sold

Mossberg 42M-B .22lr B/A Rifle
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