Lee Enfield .303 No1 Mk3* - Ser No: G4714


This No1 MkIII* was manufactured by BSA, in 1918. Its overall condition is superb having been professionally restored by TVG. Bore is bright and the rifling sharp, metal work is blued and is in very good condition with 100% finish and matching numbers throughout, including the woodwork and nose cap. Wood work is excellent with no fractures or transit marks. The rifle has been has been bedded and fitted with a rare Parker Hale commercial mount and a 1960 x2.5 scope making it this rifle exceptionally accurate and ideal for those shooters whose eyesight struggles with the SMLE rearsight.


Metal work is very good with no damage and the blueing finish is 100%. Receiver markings are typical for a BSA No1 MkIII* and consist of model, serial number, proof marks manufacturer and inspectors stamps. There is no wear to the receiver and the bolt cycles smoothly without any excess movement. The rifle is fitted with a rearsight with windage adjustment.


The bolt has been gauged for the correct headspace and firing pin protrusion. Bolt face is excellent and unmarked, it has the customary proof marks and there is no overturn on the bolt head. The bolt handle has matching numbers with the receiver and the correct but early cocking piece. The bolt cycles, feeds and extracts without fault.


The barrel is a five groove model with a superb bore. The rifling is sharp and bright. The muzzle is undamaged and all the metalwork retains its original blued finish. The nose cap has matching numbers.


The furniture is walnut and is in excellent condition with no fractures or transit marks. Woodwork is fitted correctly, is bedded and nothing is loose. King screw is the standard type and the butt is fitted with a polish brass butt plate, is standard size and has the traditional manufacturers markings. There is a professional repair to the butt as can be seen in the pictures.

Mount & Optic

Due to my deteriorating eyesight I struggle to use SMLE rearsight's and when I acquired a rare commercial Parker Hale SMLE scope mount it was the perfect opportunity to fit a period scope. The scope is a 1960  J.C. Higgins Rifleman x2.5, manufactured by Sears, Roebuck  Co. It is in excellent condition and is fitted with a fine wire reticule.

Price: £950.00

Current Status: Sold

.303 SMLE BSA No1 Mk3*
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